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Copper & Marble -styled photoshoot

Copper already present in the interior design trends, is slowly creeping in to the weddings scenery,
therefore we decided to prepare a copper styled wedding -
to make it more elegant we added a marble pattern.
Organization of the session took us long time, we wanted for every detail to be polished
- From a beautiful place to copper pins ending touch.

We held the photo session in the beautiful, white orangery-
large windows and white floor were the perfect background for our copper.
To take off the heaviness of metal a lot of attention was put on flower bouquets and compositions prepared by Marta,
which beautifully complemented the copper accessories.
During the preparation of stationery we had a few visions- eventually geometrical shapes won,
original form, with applied texture of copper and the addition of copper paper.

We wanted for whole session to be bright, elegant and very romantic
- Whether we have succeeded, you can be the judge of that!

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