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Destination Wedding

Beautiful Sea Wedding

Wedding by the sea it has always been our dream,

this is why we decided to organize a photo shoot on beautiful beach .

The sound of the sea, the sunshine and the hot sand- what more could you want? 

Wedding by the sea has an amazing charm - romantic atmosphere, 

which can't be recreated elsewhere - just you, nature and your guests ....;

This session is proof that it is worth the time to move beyond and fulfill your dream.

Our idea was to enter to a fashionable,

loose trend of weddings organized by the sea -  unconcerned, at ease and without pomposity.

Preparation of stationery, which isn't '' typical '' was a challenge.  We focused on very simple

form and combination of eco paper and translucent parchment.

Complemented by fine pearls and blue raffia bow. 

We hope that through our photographs you will move to the sea 

for a minute and get inspired to organize themed weddings.